Best steering wheel lock in the world!
Best protection for steering wheel and airbag!

DISKLOK is the strongest steering wheel lock in the world + a repeat prize winner, e.g. in the “PS World 04/2017” and in the British auto magazines “Auto-Express” + “What Car”.


  • completely covers the steering wheel

    DISKLOK completely encloses the steering wheel in steel. The whole wheel is protected from manipulation and cannot be used to steer the vehicle.

  • cannot be cut from the steering wheel

    Ordinary steering wheel locks are no obstacle for thieves. The most common method used by thieves is cutting the steering wheel itself. In these cases it is not necessary to try and overcome the lock or the steel.

    DISKLOK forces the thief to overcome the lock itself and thusly poses a greater threat to be discovered. Removing the DISKLOK makes a lot of noise and requires appropriate tools.

  • cannot be bent or twisted out of the way

    Ordinary steering wheel locks most often cannot be immovably mounted on the steering wheel. They can be moved a little and thieves can easily remove the airbag despite the bar. Oftentimes the bar is too short and does not prevent steering. A lot of times brute force can be used to turn the lock. You as the owner of the vehicle would never try this as you don’t want to damage the steering wheel. Thieves won’t care about that.

    DISKLOK takes a different approach and is designed to turn freely around the steering wheel. This way the vehicle can not be steered in traffic.

  • Protects airbag, steering wheel and vehicle from theft

    Lots of small dealers and thieves live off illegally selling parts on the internet. Especially drug addicts are after airbags earn the money for their drugs this way. Almost all steering wheel locks for sale online can’t prevent theft of the airbag. DISKLOK protects the steering wheel completely and prevents theft of airbag, steering wheel and vehicle!

  • prevents vandalism (huge visual deterrence)

    DISKLOK provides the highest possible visual conspicuousness. Thus it has the highest deterrence effect of all steering wheel locks in the world. Even at night it cannot be missed. Particularly striking is the color yellow. Thereby DISKLOK fulfills the greatest desire of the buyer: keeping the thief out of the vehicle and preventing damage from the very start.

    With other (hidden) security systems the thief is already in the car before noticing. Do you want this?

  • 3 years of warranty on all parts

    With DISKLOK you purchase a durable, high-end and secure product that will convince you in all respects. We offer 3 years of warranty from the date of purchase for you to have a lifelong of joy and to feel secure in every respect.

    Please keep the proof of purchase carefully!
    We would like to point out that we only process warranty claims from customers who have ordered on or Other buyers please contact their seller. The warranty conditions and the warranty certificate can be found in the Service/Warranty section.