Since 1993, we have been Europe’s leading provider of mechanical and pneumatic vehicle locks. That is why we are obliged to include in our catalogue only the most highly recommendable of global manufacturers’ products, which we have tested, or to produce our products ourselves. This provides not only our contract clients but also all private and commercial purchasers with the highest purchasing security and absolute product reliability. We also provide you with Brief & Siegel for the DISLOK!

Mr. Wheelclamp

In the last 25 years Uwe Olfermann, our Managing Director, has earned himself the
nickname of “Mr. Wheelclamp” for his fair customer consultation, best-possible service and
high-grade products. His objective assessments and product tests are both accepted and
appreciated. Our virtual wizard “Mr. Wheelclamp” accompanies you on all our online pages and provides you with help and important information. Please do not hesitate to contact us if
you have any further questions.

You never know, but you might receive a reply from the “real” Mr. Wheelclamp  :-)