Frequently asked questions

…and their answers

LHD version (Left hand drive)
suitable for all vehicles with handlebar left
(Continental Europe)

  • The lever points to the right.
  • The large bowl is on the left.

RHD version (Right hand drive)
suitable for all vehicles with handlebar right
(United Kingdom and predominantly Commonwealth)

  • The lever points to the left.
  • The large bowl is on the right.

In our shop you can only buy the version for vehicles with handlebar left (LHD).

Please measure your steering wheel as shown here. We always recommend measuring
the steering wheel before any purchase since there is always the possibility that the
vehicle manufacturers may alter its size.

steering wheel diameter (A) Fitting model
350 – 385 mm DISKLOK S 390
386 – 410 mm DISKLOK M 415
411 – 435 mm DISKLOK L 440

Rim thickness (B) ≤ 40 mm

The safety cylinder is made up of several layered discs, and can only be opened by bringing the discs into the correct position with the appropriate key. The edges of the discs and the keys are very sharp and can easily get stuck to one another. Therefore, before using the lock for the first time, we advise you to have the keys polished by a specialist to remove any burrs that might be left over from production. To keep the lock smooth, we recommend our graphite powder as a preservative.

In normal use (key is completely inserted into the lock) the key can be turned 3/4 of the way around in the lock. Only then can the lock be opened. The safety cylinder of DISKLOK is a “multi-disc lock”. Many successive layers have to be aligned with the key in such a way that it fits completely into the lock. It may happen that individual discs twist and interlock. This is no cause for concern. The discs can easily be re-aligned.

  1. Insert the key (without force) into the lock as far as possible.
  2. Gently turn the key from the far right to the far left and back.
  3. Repeat until all the blocked discs are re-aligned.
  4. Never use oil to make the lock work again.

The DISKLOK sits freely around the steering wheel, which is why the entire weight is on the top of the steering wheel. Always place the DISKLOK carefully on the steering wheel. We recommend the use of our steering wheel cover.

No, technically there is no difference. But the yellow DISKLOK has a very much higher deterrent effect, since it is visually much more conspicuous than the silver DISKLOK.